Fredrik Johansson och Fredrik Stjernberg


Ekonomiska teorier och finansiella risker

av Fredrik Stjernberg

Mest varje dag numera får man anledning att fundera på (oroa sig över) risker i det finansiella systemet. Lite ny forskning om finansiella risker och bankers hantering av risker:

The existence of a safety net incentivizes banks to raise their risk profiles, under-reserve for loss exposures, and to conceal actual losses,” they write. “Unless policymakers vigilantly and conscientiously address this incentive problem and the regulatory arbitrage it produces, aggressive firms will be tempted to abuse the financial safety net in clever ways.

Enligt INET-bloggen krävs det att:

To limit this financial freeriding, regulators, government officials, and the public need to be able to make transparently determined measurements of financial risk. This paper provides some new economic thinking to fill that void

via[INET Spotlight] Edward Kane: New Economic Thinking Tackles Financial Risk | Institute for New Economic Thinking.

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